About Us

Grow what you eat & eat what you grow!

We are a small independent veteran owned garden and shop that specializes in peppers, tomatoes, and several varieties of greens. We also grow peaches, pears, plums, kumquats, loquats, persimmons, Asian pears, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, a variety of melons and squash, eggplant and several different beans. Currently we craft our own jellies and jams that we have made available to the public at our local flea and farmer's markets. Recently the Florida Cottage Food laws were amended and we are now able to showcase our products online. Everything we grow is preserved in some fashion, whether it be canning, freezing, fermenting, or pickling. These are talents that were passed down to me from my grandmother in North Carolina some 50 years ago and I am proud to share the goodness of self preservation and down right good home grown food prepared the way it was in times past. We thank God for his glory and for favoring us in our endeavors. We also are grateful that so many of you are very supportive of veteran owned small businesses. The conversations that we have had are priceless and we will continue to provide great delicious products for you and your families. Thank you again.